Tuesday, January 10, 2012

local favorites

One of my favorite things about living in Williamsburg is the enviable lineup of local fleas, bazaars and markets. Some pop up in old warehouses for the weekend, while others are well known neighborhood fixtures.  I have discovered so many talented designers and independent vendors setting up shop around the city, and have fallen in love with way more pieces than I can afford. 

Although most markets feature food + beverage vendors as well as clothing, shoes, housewares, art and more, (as you probably know) I am a total sucker for tiny, unique accessories. Here are my latest scores along with the places where I scooped them (so you can, too!):

The worst (or best) thing about the recent Brooklyn Night Bazaar was that I literally loved everything. But when this amazing bracelet/ring combo caught my eye, I knew I had found a new favorite. Virginie Millefiori, the designer and creator, was equally as adorable... When I picked the color combo I wanted (the stunning turquiose/gold) she re-sized it to fit me on the spot. I have been getting compliments on it every single time I wear it, which is basically every single day.
I dress mine up with a classic watch and whatever other bangles I am feeling... today it was this Madewell arrow cuff . . .

She also has an Etsy shop featuring these amazing options + more...

[above two photos via Virginie Millefiori's etsy shop]

I kept with the bracelet theme when I went looking for a congrats-on-the-new-job present for my girl Marie.  This time I hit the stands at my local go-to: the weekend Artists & Fleas indoor market on N. 7th street between Kent and Wythe. Although I immediately gravitated towards the Sna$h Jewelry table, which featured these amazing two-finger rings by Shanna Nash that are right up my alley, I quickly remembered that I wasn't here to shop for myself. (I don't know about you, but this is a common theme in my life.)
So I kept wandering - basically, I just turned to the next booth - and found these perfect, dainty little string/metal thread bracelets by Cyclical Industry:

Then came the hard part: choosing from Soo An's selection of colors and gold-silver combos.

I wanted one neon and one neutral, eventually settling on a bright coral/camel and gold combo I have seen (and loved) elsewhere...
...like in these amazing bangles from Natalia Brilli. [via Hint Magazine]
Also, this Jill Staurt dress featured in this Sterling Style post.

And in this post from the Decorista herself, Ashlina Kaposta.
And, of course, the infamous NARS orgasm/laguna cult favorite combo.
The bracelets were a hit, which was great, but the best part? I know exactly where to find them if I decide to add some to my collection next weekend.


Virginie Millefiori said...

Thank you so much Shari! I must admit your picture look greater than mine, I should hire you ;p
Glad you're still in love with your bracelet-ring and that you're getting compliments too!
Hope to see you again!

Shari Ana said...

thanks, virginie! so glad you love the post. i'm still loving my purchase, of course :)

xx shari