Wednesday, January 18, 2012

trinkets from tree trunks

I've been thinking a lot about keeping the little things simple + fresh in the new year. Easier than cleaning out my closet or parting with any of the million things I may need, someday, for something, is simply imparting a bit of nature back into my urban lifestyle. The easiest, cheapest + chicest way to do this, I think, is in the form of wood. Observe . . .

First, this old-wood-turned-coaster-turned-necklace, so cleverly thought up + easily made by Rebecca over at A Daily Something. A perfect (and cheap) beginner DYI.


Another option that's a bit more refined (if that's what you're into) comes from these delicate, hand painted wood necklaces by Swan Lake. I love the contrast of the natural wood coming through each brightly-painted + geometric-inspired design. The price (under $20 each!) doesn't hurt, either.


Also on my wish list is this set of three timber side tables from one of my new favorite home goods spots, cb2. It's by the same people as Crate & Barrel, but does the modern look for way less. This entire set (read: all three tables) is only $199! They would look equally amazing kept together as a set or separated and placed around the room.


What couple could resist this birchwood vase from Morgann Hill Designs, customized to display the initials of you and your one + only. Lovely as a vase - although the metal interior means you could use it to hold just about anything. And at under $20, you can still afford the bouquet!

Peg and Awl redefines what we now think of as a tablet with these reclaimed wood and leather chalkboard pads. They start with a wooden board, which is recycled from the scraps of a local furniture shop.  They sand it down just enough to keep the character and add a vintage WWII-era leather strap for holding the so-cool chalk pencil it comes with. It also features a hole for hanging it on a wall, which is perfect because trust me, you will want to display this. Forget the iPad - this one is a reasonable $50, and way cooler. Your grocery list just got an upgrade!
(Bonus: for $10 more, you can customize your pad - or almost anything they make - with a message of up to 20 characters. Totally worth it for a wonderful, personal gift.)


Okay - so these last two aren't exactly wood, nor do they qualify as "natural" - but I just can't resist either one. I think it's obvious why ...

I absolutely love how delicately this Bark Tie Cuff from Nasty Gal imitates the real thing.


God knows I can't resist a tiny, unique piece of jewelry - especially when it's in the shape of something unexpected. This Branch Ring Duo is made even more alluring due to the fact that it was modeled after a brass ring that the designer, Iveth from The Angry Weather, found in a vintage store.  She loved it so much that she decided to replicate it. Throw in the fact that they're stackable and I'm in!


No matter how you work it - sanded, painted, or just used as inspiration - I can't get enough of these pieces. I just wish I paid more attention in wood shop...


Rebecca - A Daily Something said...

This is a great round up of wooden inspirations :) I loove those wooden/chalkboard pads...amazing!

Cortnie Elizabeth said...

Loving the vases! Pretty adorable.


sibylputyourclotheson said...

Love that first DIY and the Nasty Gal bracelet!


Ms. Style Junkie said...

NIce pieces!

anchorsanddreams said...

I love your blog!! One of my faves to read :)

Shari Ana said...

thanks, rebecca! so great to hear, esp coming from you - i love your stuff. great inspiration
xx shari