Friday, January 20, 2012

friday's 1st one-of-a-kind find: cow bone bolos

Nothing is better than discovering a charming + versatile accessory - especially when it's unlike most of the other things I'm seeing at the moment.

Which is why I just dropped everything to let you guys know about these:


What are they? Hand-painted suede + cow bone bolos, of course.

Not only have I never had one before, but I'm also pretty sure I never knew I wanted one. 

And I'm pretty sure I'd never seen them outside of old western films (and maybe Toy Story) --- that is, until I stumbled upon Lorica Apparel's Etsy page. The bolos are part of their "neon cowgirl" collection, which I automatically loved from the name alone. I didn't think they could get any more alluring... until I read that they are actually made out of real "salavaged and recycled" cow bones.  Insane.


The painted (+ disinfected!) bone slides up and down the suede, making each one totally customizable day-to-day.  Wear it tight as a necktie with a collared shirt to work and then longer as a necklace on the weekend - or any length + anywhere in between.  

I can't wait to throw it on my wrist or ankle in the summer, or you can even wrap it around your ponytail to turn a bad hair day into something you'll want people to notice. 

And they definitely will!

Not to mention that the one above looks pretty bad ass just hanging on display... Although I'm not sure I'll want to take this one off for a while.

+ one more thing . . .

Since this type of find is like striking gold for me, I've decided to feature my favorite discovery of the week - whether it be something to wear, make or just admire - in a new series called "friday's one-of-a-kind find" ... one more reason to be thankful it's the weekend.

Hope yours is amazing!


Tanya said...

Oooh these look cool! :)


Aishwarya Khanna said...

Wow! cow bone bolos? Super cool!

British Birdie... said...

How awesome are these?! wooah, great blog!

Hilary Nicole said...

I love the DIY's you have in your blog. Have an amazing day!

XX Hilary