Tuesday, January 24, 2012

dizzy over druzy

I'm super into the neon trend that's been happening lately, and definitely still loving the natural gem stones that adorne the most fashionable wrists + necks almost every season. 

But what's even better is the result when you combine the two - something that Marina Fini has absolutely killed with her druzy-based line of jewelry, Infinity, which I can't seem to take my eyes off... 


These landyard necklaces (directly above) are my hands-down favorite, but I would wear any of her pieces anywhere from a lunch date to a night out + even a cocktail party. The deep, vibrant hues make them more sophisticated than cutesy, which I absolutely love, and they have it all when it comes to accessories: they're eye-catching, gorgeous, unexpected + edgy all at the same time. But be careful: they definitely aren't for the faint of heart, so just make sure to keep everything else simple.


The California based company five-and-two also uses druzy (or what she calls "rainbow quartz") to create accessories that have a slightly more fun + girlie vibe. See what I mean:

These gorgeous rings (above) are five-and-two's claim to fame - and it's easy to see why - but I'm also loving their necklaces (below).  The contrast of the vibrant quartz against the earthy brown backing is reminiscient of a piece of art - but instead of being mounted on your wall, it's hanging around your neck.

Of course, I couldn't not mention these lovely pyrite + string bracelets (below). They're a great add-on to an already stacked wrist, or perfectly dainty all by themselves.  As friendship bracelets they're a great little gift no matter what the occasion, which (in addition to great greeting cards) I am always on the lookout for. With a huge selection of colors+ adorable packaging, you will definitely want to pick up a few for yourself while you're at it. Don't worry: at under $20 each, you can grab one for her and one (or two!) for you.



If you're looking for something a little softer (and maybe a little less rock-star-meets-new-age-hippie), these druzy studs by NYC jewelry design are absolute perfection. They're not too small (about the size of a penny), which makes them delicate and still a little daring at the same time.  I would show these off with a high bun and otherwise clean look - definitely leave the necklace at home.

Unless, of course, you want to trade in the studs for one of these:


The teardrops are beautiful, but I'm really feeling the black heart. With Valentine's Day coming up, I can't think of a better anti-v-day present to buy your single-and-loving it friend - or, for that matter, yourself! Enjoy!


WSM said...

I'm a recent followed and absolutely loving your blog. All the beautiful items you pick out are 100% matched to my style and the jewellery above that looks super expensive actually turns out to be really affordable. Keep up the amazing posts! - WSM.


Aoife said...

This jewellery is absolutely amazing!! I think i'm gonna be taking your advice and buying some of these for my best friends for anti-v-day. such a good idea!!!

I followed you also =]

Leslie Quiros said...

what a great jewelry line I love it all and I need to have it all :)
Thanks for your lovely comment and visiting my blog. I am definitely following you on GFC hope you can follow too :)

natali said...

you have lovely blog.)i don`t mind to be your friend.)