Tuesday, November 29, 2011

cushion cues

A simple message with a not-so-subtle delivery system, these ingenious pillows are my latest decor obsession.  The self-proclaimed "sassy little pillow company" is the brainchild of Alexandra Ferguson, who doesn't beat around the bush with these plush reminders.  Somehow I don't think it will feel right to grab a snack and settle in for a long night in front of the TV next to this:

If the gym isn't really your thing, or you don't need a reminder (good for you!), I am pretty sure you can find a more appropriate option in some of Alexandra's other pillow prompts.  Here are some "house rules" and a bit of "good advice" that's too cute to be tossed aside:

Bonus: even if you didn't call Mom or swap your brownies for broccoli, you can still feel good about the fact that these adorable pillows are handmade in NYC from 100% post-consumer recycled felt (the equivalent to removing four plastic bottles from a landfill!) And who knows--you might even find yourself acting a little nicer...or getting a bit more action.

[All photos via Alexandra Ferguson's Etsy page as well as her blog.]

Thursday, November 24, 2011

tiny treasures: irresistible finds from catbird

My most favorite accessories are those that are modest in size but unexpectedly bold when it comes to shape and style.  Even though I don’t do fur, I cannot get enough of jewelry that takes the form of animal silhouettes—particularly the ones with scales, tails and fangs.  I love taking a closer look at a darling little ring only to find that it's actually a coiled snake and I live for those pieces that marry fragility and ferocity.

That is exactly what I find every time I stop by the super adorable boutique "catbird." This Brooklyn favorite proves that even the daintiest duds shouldn't lack detail, and their selection of jewelry, home goods, fragrances, cold weather accessories and other tiny gifts make me especially thankful that this sought-after shop is located a few blocks from me in Williamsburg. The place itself is so tiny, but every time I'm there I find a million more lovely little things that I didn't know I wanted but suddenly cannot live without.  Their irresistible selection of quirky greeting cards are the kind that make you want to invent holidays just for an excuse to buy them. (Happy Start-of-the-Barney's-Warehouse-Sale Day! Congratulations on your amazing new thrift store find!) All in all, the entire selection is a perfect mash-up of new items and old favorites, almost all of which are on my wish-list this year.

As hard as it was to narrow it down, here are the three little treasures I would be most grateful to unwrap this season:



(one) These Jezebel Ant Studs effortlessly toe the line between rebellious and refined. They can be easily taken from day to night, and their size makes them equally easy to pull off at work.  Where ever I am headed this fall--for work or play--is for the perfect occasion to sweep my hair into a high bun to show off this pair. 

(two) A serious incentive to RSVP "yes" to a couple more holiday parties than usual this season, this dashing Fourteen-Point Buck Ring is sure to add the perfect flash of holiday cheer every time I raise my glass.

(three) No need to wait for Cupid--I am already love struck by this Bluejay Arrow Necklace. The arrow is super sleek but still edgy enough to make a serious statement and the feather just makes the whole thing totally irresistible. It's even more beautiful in person.


So after you've given thanks for the numerous blessings that I hope are yours this time of year, take a few minutes to share the tiny finds that you think deserve some thanks-giving (and hopefully some getting!) this holiday season... Enjoy!