Tuesday, January 17, 2012

pom wonderful

During daily blog read this morning, I came across this post featuring wonderfully whimsical DIY tissue paper hearts, hot off of the February 2012 cover of Martha Stewart Living. You can find the step-by-step directions in the above post from Everything Fabulous as well as inside the magazine, both of which also feature this how-to pic:


I have seen these decorative poms elsewhere + absolutely adore them. It's crazy how such a simple, litte thing can somehow totally transform the atmosphere into something inviting and warm.  PomTree is just one of many Etsy shops that sells all kinds of poufs and puffs in batches large + small. They can also customize the color + pattern of each one and have tons of options to choose from.
They're the perfect addition to any Valentine's, engagement or anniversary party, baby or bridal shower, or really any event - they work well both inside + out.   PomStyle is another Etsy spot that not only makes gorgeous ones, but also features the beautiful pictures of them (below) in use at showers and events. . . Mix them with light strings (as seen below) to create a whimsical focal point for your next soiree.



They also work unexpectedly well for sprucing up your pad . . .

Use them like throw pillows to add flair to your bedroom or guest room:


Welcome the new baby in style:


Add some seasonal decorations by playing with colors and patterns -
this one seems perfect for fall:


As gorgeous as they are in the home, there are so many ways that these pretty poofs can dress up your look as well as your loft! No one does this better than the ladies at ban.do, a super successful duo from LA that loves (+ creates!) all things sparkly + girlie. They have so many options, and I love that they encourage creativity with their products. Take a look . . .

I am dying for one of their quirky-cute pop flowers:


 And these chiffon + pom pom shoe clips, which are equally adorable on flats + oxfords...

. . . as seen below at ban.do's own "blow bow bash," from their facebook page 

But why stop there? Take it from the girls at ban.do: pom poms look equally amazing in your hair.  I love them as hair accessories because they're perfect for when you're rocking a messy wave and when you need a sweet accent for that special day. See what I mean:




[one] + [two] These are awesome because they come in two sizes (the minis are the size of my eos lipbalm - which, by the way, is amazing - while the others are about the size of your fist) and the back features a dual hair clip/pin to change your look with your mood. Pin them to your blazer for a little flair at work, then switch them to the band in your hair or on your wrist... or even your bag... before stepping out for a date or drinks.

[three] + [four] Both of these are made from layers of silk and add a fairytale finish  to any look, from "bohemian bride" to hostess to house guest. The rose can be worn as a belt or bracelet as well... or basically however and wherever you want. I think it may be harder to find somewhere this wouldn't look chic than vice versa.


Whether in your hair, on your feet or hanging from your ceiling, I can't get enough of these girlie poms. With so many options, how can you go wrong?


Tamara B said...

I love this little DIY project, I can't wait to try it :)


Tamara B.

Kristan Burns said...

Those are some pretty flowers and they would look good on maybe a Spring coloured sweater. Thank you for the post. :D

Lizzie Ashcroft said...

i want to try this so much! they're adorable <3