Monday, March 19, 2012

give and get from gift shop brooklyn

Deepest apologies for the week of absence - I haven't been MIA this long since I started loving the little things. Just the typical crazy work week with a bit of personal stuff thrown in... but regardless of last week, I am back and oh-so excited to make up for lost time. So let's get to it ---

Today I bring to you adorable pouches from Gift Shop Brooklyn. Naturally when I saw this shop name (+ eye-catching logo) on etsy I just had to click. I was delighted with the selection of items, all handmade to order in bk using materials purchased on etsy and from other vendors here in the US. Store owner (and seasoned graphic designer in the new york fashion industry) Annie Olean Bukman provides a range of adorable little things, from "sherbet scarves" to reversible linen/leather pouches + more, making this etsy spot really feel like a little gift shop.

If you live in the neighborhood or find yourself in the area, skip the etsy storefront + stop by Brooklyn Collective, which started selling Annie's designs last month --- and is totally worth checking out in its own right! Here is a selection off the loveliest from both:

[all photos from gift shop brooklyn's etsy page + blog]

I love the idea of giving unique little things from the "brooklyn gift shop" to friends + family dwelling outside of my favorite borough. Plus everything ordered on etsy comes wrapped-up and gift-ready - which I'm sure makes it easier to part with these lovely pieces.

Although just to be sure, I would scoop up something extra to open up myself.

Enjoy! xx

Friday, March 9, 2012

friday's one-of-a-kind find: prints by kari herer

This friday I'm swooning over these Kari Herer prints, which are romantic + rustic without being overdone or obvious. Herer is no obscure artist -- her work has been featured everywhere from Martha Stewart to Town & Country to InStyle -- but how she combines natural elements in such unexpectedly lovely ways is unlike anything I've seen. The entire series is done with original drawings/art and photography, and signed + stamped by Herer herself (see the last two photos below). They would bring a refreshingly organic, dreamy element to my ultra-modern living room just as well as they'd fit into a cozy, country aesthetic.

[all photos from kari herer's etsy page]

All of the prints pictured here are available for purchase on her etsy page, but do check out her website for more professional info and her blog for more personal photos - both are amazing. And enjoy your weekend! xx

Thursday, March 8, 2012

deliciously dark: to-die-for jewelry by bloodmilk

Bloodmilk is one of many jewelry lines I found + instantly fell in love with at catbird. Designer + self-proclaimed "one lady side show" j.l. schnabel has mastered a gorgeously goth aesthetic that's so difficult to achieve without bordering on gaudy and/or terrifying. The line is based out of philly, where schnabel not only crafts each piece by-hand and to-order, but she also does the writing, photographing, boxing + shipping of each piece in order to preserve the intimacy and indie-feel of her business. She's into the idea that jewelry can provide a sort of protection against the violence of the world, which is definitely evident in her work. 

With all the amazing options, you will find a piece that speaks to you - whether you don these designs as a kind of spiritual talisman or just love their bad-ass look. As usual, I've found way more than one that I'd love to get my claws on. Take a look:

[all photos chosen from bloodmilk's etsy page]

I am always trying to incorporate a little something a bit dark + dramatic into my look, which (of course) I try to do with unique add-ons or accessories. Bloodmilk does just that, with the perfect combination of bold and beautiful. Which piece is your fav? xx

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

cheeky carry-alls: cute + quirky canvas totes

My mom loved canvas totes far before they were cool. She would bring her own bags everywhere - prior to the "not a plastic bag" craze + eco-friendly-chic lifestyle that's now second nature. Since I also love a good tote bag (must be in my blood) + everyone appreciates a nice little cheeky (but not too corny) saying, no surprise that the combination of both is irresistible.

Check out these nine options ... perfect for bringing to the grocery store, filling with library books or simply swapping with your bulky leather bag for a lovely change of pace. 

[one] [two] [three] [four] [five] [six] [seven] [eight] [nine]

My favorite is number four, which reads: "why are you reading my tote bag are you worried about your eyes i think they look fine and dandy." Simple, cute + quirky --- basically the three characteristics I look for in... well, just about everything.

Which do you like? Do you ever rock a canvas tote?

Enjoy! xo

Monday, March 5, 2012

lovely little things: tiny paper mache bowls by etco

I love these tiny little bowls (each one varies in size, but they're generally only a couple inches tall + wide). They're perfect for stashing any of the million little baubles I have strewn across my dresser at any given moment, and they'd look equally chic in a trio, left empty to show off the gorgeous metallic inside. Each is made from recycled paper and features a black or white matte outside that perfectly compliments the gold, copper or silver leaf lining. The bowls are hand made to order by Yamarilet Pacheco ("etco" is an adorable shorthand combo of her first + last names), a Venezuelan-born NOLA resident who also crafts jewelry. Here is a sample selection of her work --- although as with any hand crafted item, each is a little different in the end.

[all photos from etco's etsy page]

What a lovely little way to add some life to a bare bookshelf or drab dresser... enjoy! xo

Friday, March 2, 2012

friday's one-of-a-kind find: holst + lee

I normally like to find one showstopper from a somewhat obscure, new or at least etsy-affiliated designer to feature each Friday. But the dazzling jewelry coming out of breakout brand Holst + Lee is just too good to wait until Monday. Plus, the line is based right here in Brooklyn, and its tribal-meets-trendy-meets-techno vibe more than qualifies as one of a kind.

Check out Natalie Holst + Rochelle Lee, the duo behind the brand, along with some of their latest + greatest:

The beauty is in the details here - and these two ladies have spared none in the name of style. The magnetic closure, crazy color combinations, inspired hardware + varied textures make these pieces irresistible to everyone from supermodels to superstar athletes.

[all photos chosen from shopbop + shoptalk]

The fact that they've exploded (recent collaborations include mara hoffman and cut25 for spring 2012!) means that their line is now available on shopbop, which also means that each piece will cost you a pretty penny. But hey - if you want to rock something this cool, you have to pay up. Unless, of course, you have the skills to attempt a DIY version...

I mean, all it takes is some thread, some hardware + an insane eye for style. Simple, right?

Enjoy your weekend! xo

Thursday, March 1, 2012

pastel prints by leah reena goren

As much as I'm loving the crazy moment neon is having, I'm equally enthralled with the amazing pastel palettes that everyone's loving for spring. One local Brooklyn artist/designer/soon-to-be graduate of Parsons who just happens to be killing this trend is leah reena goren. She is a super talented illustrator (who's done work for a range of clients including etsy, evian, dailycandy, LA-based food truck fruitland + more) and also creates lovely patterns + prints for textiles - including a range of handkerchiefs, headbands, dresses, tanks + T's that immediately caught my eye.  

Her illustrations are crazy-cool (scroll to the end to see a few of my favorites) but it's her selection of light, flowing silk scarves that are works of art themselves - and still on my mind for spring:

Each scarf clearly showcases her unique aesthetic and amazing ability to combine color + pattern to create something romantic, whimsical + fun. The ones I've featured here are all available in her etsy shop, though from her blog it seems that she's constantly coming up with new designs. One of my personal favorites is the black cursive text that's printed on sheer, white silk chiffon and features selections of poems about California written by Chelsey Pettyjohn. Adorable.

...and I just couldn't show you her work without also including a few of her insanely cool illustrations. I picked a few of my favorites to feature below, but definitely take a look at her blog if (like me) you just can't seem to get enough.

enjoy! xo

[all photos + illustrations chosen from LRG's etsy shop, blog + site]