Friday, January 13, 2012

coveted covers

So this past Christmas I finally joined the 21st century and traded in my blackberry for an iPhone. I have always appreciated a shiny new piece of technology, but I was never the girl with all the latest gadgets. Let me just say (although you've probably known since 2007) that this phone is life-changing.

Which meant that for the first week I had it, I legit carried it around in my right hand.

Eventually I came back down to Earth and realized that I will eventually have to put this thing down, throw it in my purse and (undoubtedly) drop it onto the sidewalk. Which brought me the dilemma (slash delight) of finding a new case. Since "tech accessories" is a standard category for basically all major retailers and most designers these days, I didn't have to look far to find some amazing stuff. And lots of options. 

First, there's your basic cover that snaps on the back and leaves the screen open. I love these for their vibrant colors and patterns.  With any of these insanely cool Dannijo covers, I will never again grab my boyfriends phone thinking it's mine. 

For those of you always running out the door with armfuls of bags + beverages in sky-high heels, the standard snap-on may not be substantial enough. Here is where the phone pull pouch comes in: it's a case that you slide the phone into, which has a cute little tab you pull on to slide the phone out for you. And it has a nice window cut-out to check the time. Observe: this turquiose one from Tory Burch.

Then there are more creative ones, like this Rebecca Minkoff knuckles design thats simple + smart, and this Jagger Edge cover featuring a ring for holding practical things (like keys) or displaying more personal touches (like these Jagger Edge charms.)

There are ways to make your cover more personal, too: a ton of independent vendors I found on etsy will create a simple plastic snap-on cover featuring a picture of your choice... your dog, you + your boyfriend, a great shot you took on your favorite vacation, whatever!

This vendor will make one with the photo of your choice slipped behind a clear case, making it easy to swap out pictures whenever you get bored (or break up!)... If you're in it for the long haul and can spend a bit more, this type of case is probably best: the image is printed directly on the case.

Or, if you would rather admire the brilliant work of others, society6 has literally thousands of prints that they will print on phone cases for whatever model you have. You may recognize some of the artwork here: they are often featured in Urban Outfitters wall decor.  I have been scrolling through the options for days and have (barely) narrowed it down to these:

[one] [two] [three]
[four] [five] [six]

I haven't been able to decide, partly because they add new prints all the time. But at only $35 per case, who knows? Maybe I don't have to choose just one...

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