Sunday, January 15, 2012

make your collar pop

I love to find little things that totally transform a look from everyday to refreshingly original or unexpected, like the contrast collar trend that has been everywhere this fall:


I've been thinking about how I can rock the collar in a way that's more easily mixed + matched with what I already have in my wardrobe,  absolutely affordable and easy to throw on on my way out the door.  

I found the answer when I stumbled upon this combination of a cute collar and a statement necklace that marries trend and practicality.  The result? Something far cooler than either one on its own . . .

This Etsy find is one of many adorable leather necklaces by Carri at Ampris Loves. It's a reversible style featuring soft clay brown leather on one side and a lighter orangey-tan with a beige suede border on the other. I love the texture leather brings to the mix, and the great neutral color option that would be amazing with almost anything.  Add in the fact that it's under $30 and you really can't go wrong here. [via]
(Bonus: start following @AmprisLoves on Twitter + enjoy 15% off your Etsy purchase!)

Another, more refined style is this gold chain link peter pan version, which features a small natural pearl in the center.  It is more of a necklace than a collar, and I absolutely love the whimsical vibe it brings to any casual or simple top. It is handmade by Ioana at Miss Babacilu, and also right around $30. (She will ship it all the way from Romania to you for free, just enter promo code FREESHIPPING at checkout.) [via]
Besides Etsy, another one of my go-to's for affordable and on-trend accessories is Asos, where I found these . . .


. . . as well as this super girlie Peter Pan pearl bib, which is unexpectedly dainty with a plain top:


True to form, Topshop also has some trendier versions . . .

clockwise from top left: [one][two][three][four]

While H&M provides super affordable options that edge more towards the traditional choker necklace, but are still absolutely on board with this trend.  If you aren't convinced, you should know that both of these come in silver and gold, and the price tag is only $12.95(!):


As thrilling as it is to find affordable options, (especially for such a trendy piece) I just can't not include the real stunners: the heart-stopping designer versions of the bib necklace . . .

These last four are just a bit out of my price range (more like in my dreams) so I will definitely be going for one of the earlier options. Either way, I have never been more excited to throw on a neutral, crew neck T or sweater and - though I never thought I'd use this phrase post-2004 - make my collar "pop"... enjoy!


Love said...

I want to get for myself this month but I haven`t found any yet. I`m also thinking to make a DIY of this. i just need time.

By the way great post.


June said...

Cute finds!