Wednesday, February 15, 2012

sending you some sunshine: bold beachwear

With temp in new york city steadily dropping, I am really loving the warm weather down here in Florida. Even though my vacation will only last another six days, this little bit of sunshine has me obsessing over the new beachwear this season - even if (after I arrive home next Wednesday) I won't be able to wear it again for at least another few months.  

Personally I love bathing suits that are cute + comfy without being too bold, and absolutely adore the way coral looks against a nice tan. My dream beachwear is this combo of soft, neutral tones that are balanced by thick, bold patterns:

[dress + bikini]

And even though it's a bit out of my price range, I just couldn't help myself --- this beach towel is simply irresistible. With the cheeky zebra-hide feel + luxurious leather buckles, it's almost too cute to get wet:


I know that the next few days will fly by and soon enough I will be back in the city, decked out in knits + boots. But until then, I must warn you that my posts may be a bit sunnier than usual. 

So whatever the weather where you are, I hope you enjoy - I know I am! xo


Ashley said...

That beach towel is a riot! How cute!

Enjoy your remaining beach days,

Sophie-Marie said...

I love the bikini! Love love love it!