Wednesday, February 1, 2012

my new bff

Ever since yesterday's post, I've been obsessing over unique accessories that share the same boho-rocker vibe as the pieces I love from ashaloo. I think it was her amazing ear cuffs: I am in love the idea, and wanted to see what other options are out there in terms of ear candy --- which lead me to yet another amazing etsy designer (they just keep coming!): Francis Audelo from By Francis Frank (a.k.a. BFF).  She hand makes every unique piece in LA + even takes custom orders, which of course got my mind reeling.


Per usual, my inability to make a decision on as to which I love the most, combined with the fact that they are all so wonderfully eccentric, means I have a whole list of coveted cuffs to share with you guys. Here are four of my favs in the metal + spike department:

As you can see, she offers a few different styles to chose available - ear cuffs on their own, or cuffs combined with hair accessories + dangly earrings. I'll take one of each.


I'm not always super into the feather look, but her styles are super wearable. BFF's line has a couple designs that I'd consider low-key - and lots of others that are anything but.  All are absolutely gorgeous, featuring stunning colors + eye-catching combinations of howlite beads, feathers + chains. Of course, I could only narrow it down so far - take a look below at my top three:

Her designs are obviously inspired, but I would love to create a custom piece that's all me... once I can decide on which look I'm loving the most. For now, I'll admit - I'm perfectly content to have visions of spiked metal + feather ear candy dancing in my head.
[all photos from BFF's etsy page]


Alexandra said...

These are beautiful!! You should definitely get one. I just ordered an ear/hair cuff from Asos ( that I think is really cool - I hope I can pull it off!! :)



V. said...

really beautiful!!

ZARA GIVEAWAY on my blog


fluff and fripperies said...

I really have to check out etsy, you've discovered some lovely things.

Emma xo

Marella said...

Cuuuuute post dear!

Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

I love the spike ones, so cool.

Miss ED said...

OMG I'm obsessed with cuffs, I've been looking for the perfect one forEVER. I thought I found one on another blog recently, but when I went to the store, it was not even listed, so thanks for the tip... are you going to post what you get?