Friday, February 3, 2012

friday's one-of-a-kind find: wild+free custom cowboy boots

I don't know what it is with the boho/hippie theme this week, but I just can't seem to get enough. Fitting, then, that this Friday's find is these incredibly cool, custom made cowboy boots by wild+free. Corina Brown, the cali native + owner, claims to live the philosophy of her brand name --- and it shows in her work.

Her shop is filled with whimsical jewelry - from dream catcher necklaces to feather hair clips, flower headbands + even headdresses. But what I really love (and can't stop obsessing over) are her incredible upcycled boots. Each pair of leather cowboy/motorcycle boots is layered with fabrics, belts, chains + jewels in the most perfectly messed-up way. 

The result is so amazing I'd just rather show you then say another word . . .


Each custom order requires a deposit of $50 up front, along with any particular requests as to colors, materials, patterns, etc. -- all of which Corina incorporates into the final product. She has pictures of the boots she's made in the past + feedback from customers on her etsy page, and they all seem more than satisfied with the final result.

Can you blame them? These things are amazing - and totally one-of-a-kind. Perfection.

Have a good weekend!

[all photos taken from the wild+free jewelry etsy page]


Melissa Ochoa said...


Stay in touch, xoxo Melissa

twitter: @melissaosblog

Sophie-Marie said...

Hey! Thanks for your comment on my blog! I'm glad I discovered yours, I'm always looking for interesting blogs to read and I love interacting with bloggers!
First things first, to answer your question about how I choose my jewelry every morning: There's always something I wear almost all the time for the sake of accessorizing. At the moment it is the "Madame Butterfly" pendant and the matching blue and gold earrings. It's definitely something that describes my personality. Also I tend to be a little superstitious so I am currently wearing blue to thwart off bad luck (it's a Mediterranean thing, and I grew up there, so...). Otherwise, I choose whatever goes with my outfit or, to be more precise, with the impression I want the outfit to give: retro (that would be pearls, for ex), edgy, romantic (the angel earrings), etc.

Before I finish this looong comment, I've got to say I love the cowboy boots, although they're hardly my style (I LIVE in stilettos). They look like true works of art, and I love how colourful they are! I wish I was more daring to wear something like that, but alas, I am not. Not that I haven't tried.


Femke. said...

Wow, LOVE this! Thanks for sharing! :)