Tuesday, February 7, 2012

love this line: birdie num num

With IFBcon on the schedule for tomorrow (and being way too excited to think of anything else!) I just wanted to share another etsy seller that I just can't get enough of . . . birdie num num. Besides having a ridiculous + yet totally appealing name, birdie num num is a Chilean company that blurs the line between my two favorite accessories . . . scarves + necklaces. Tati, the designer + shop owner, starts with regular pieces of jersey fabric and somehow turns them into super colorful, eco-friendly + artfully handmade creations - take a look:

She's constantly adding new items in every hue imaginable, and takes custom orders to ensure you get whatever color/style combo you can dream up. Perfect for transitioning into springtime - especially this spring, with bright emerald shades that fall right in line with the crazy moment neon is having. I love these four, but there are dozens more to check out here.

p.s. - I absolutely cannot wait to share all the fun from IFBcon with you guys after tomorrow! xo


Melina said...

love it.. so colourful

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M said...

oh my lord! i love them all!

Fashion Insanity said...

That blue one looks pretty!

Style Diaries said...

love all these necklaces

GlamorousGirl said...