Thursday, December 1, 2011

adorable (+ work appropriate) add-ons

At my office, the “business casual” dress code is definitely open to interpretation, and more times than not I am guilty of going way too heavy on the “casual” while being much too modest with the “business.”

As much as I love toeing the line with booties and oversize knits, for the most part at the office I stick to showing off with easily removable + adorable accents.  During my 9-to-5, accessories are definitely the perfect platform for showing off my personal style without crossing over from professional to party girl. As you may have gathered from my first post, I love to choose pieces that have big impact without all the bulk--which also makes them perfect for pushing the envelope at work. 

My tried-and-true favorite is these Alex and Ani expandable bangles, which add flair to everything from answering the phone to typing an e-mail. They come in different variations of silver and gold, with dangling charms, beautiful beads, metal pieces and other adorable add-ons that I literally love to pile on.

Here are some of their newer bangle sets I cannot wait to get my hands on...

Alex and Ani is a fixture on Gilt Groupe as well, which is where I find especially unique sets (like my latest score, here on the right) that are usually left off of the website and out of most stores. On those days, you will find me locked and loaded at 11:59 AM, mouse in hand and ready to grab the best ones when the clock strikes noon.

Basically, I can’t get enough of layering and stacking them on my wrist, usually in some mixed-up mess of gold and silver with spikes and colored beads or other funky baubles that I've collected over the years.

Usually, I just run out the door with a thick wrist-full of whichever ones I am feeling in the morning.  Then, if my day changes and suddenly there is a client to meet or a conference to attend, I can simply slip off the bolder bracelets and leave on a few simple, sleek bangles.

It starts off looking like this . . .

Then, when I run to happy hour I just add on a few more of these . . .

 . . . + I end up with a seriously eye-catching look:

If your day-to-day allows, I say go for it with a stack of mismatched bangles.  If not, try to sneak in your chic a few bracelets at a time. Why not mix some pleasure into all that business?

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