Tuesday, November 29, 2011

cushion cues

A simple message with a not-so-subtle delivery system, these ingenious pillows are my latest decor obsession.  The self-proclaimed "sassy little pillow company" is the brainchild of Alexandra Ferguson, who doesn't beat around the bush with these plush reminders.  Somehow I don't think it will feel right to grab a snack and settle in for a long night in front of the TV next to this:

If the gym isn't really your thing, or you don't need a reminder (good for you!), I am pretty sure you can find a more appropriate option in some of Alexandra's other pillow prompts.  Here are some "house rules" and a bit of "good advice" that's too cute to be tossed aside:

Bonus: even if you didn't call Mom or swap your brownies for broccoli, you can still feel good about the fact that these adorable pillows are handmade in NYC from 100% post-consumer recycled felt (the equivalent to removing four plastic bottles from a landfill!) And who knows--you might even find yourself acting a little nicer...or getting a bit more action.

[All photos via Alexandra Ferguson's Etsy page as well as her blog.]

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