Wednesday, March 7, 2012

cheeky carry-alls: cute + quirky canvas totes

My mom loved canvas totes far before they were cool. She would bring her own bags everywhere - prior to the "not a plastic bag" craze + eco-friendly-chic lifestyle that's now second nature. Since I also love a good tote bag (must be in my blood) + everyone appreciates a nice little cheeky (but not too corny) saying, no surprise that the combination of both is irresistible.

Check out these nine options ... perfect for bringing to the grocery store, filling with library books or simply swapping with your bulky leather bag for a lovely change of pace. 

[one] [two] [three] [four] [five] [six] [seven] [eight] [nine]

My favorite is number four, which reads: "why are you reading my tote bag are you worried about your eyes i think they look fine and dandy." Simple, cute + quirky --- basically the three characteristics I look for in... well, just about everything.

Which do you like? Do you ever rock a canvas tote?

Enjoy! xo


Ashley said...

Number 6 is a winner! I love the pastel watercolor look. I bet this would be a super easy DIY.

Have a great day, Shari Ana!

Caroline Hancox said...

No 6 form me too

Tairalyn said...

These my friend... are brilliant!
and.... as for your mama.... she is uber cool! way before cool became cool!