Thursday, March 8, 2012

deliciously dark: to-die-for jewelry by bloodmilk

Bloodmilk is one of many jewelry lines I found + instantly fell in love with at catbird. Designer + self-proclaimed "one lady side show" j.l. schnabel has mastered a gorgeously goth aesthetic that's so difficult to achieve without bordering on gaudy and/or terrifying. The line is based out of philly, where schnabel not only crafts each piece by-hand and to-order, but she also does the writing, photographing, boxing + shipping of each piece in order to preserve the intimacy and indie-feel of her business. She's into the idea that jewelry can provide a sort of protection against the violence of the world, which is definitely evident in her work. 

With all the amazing options, you will find a piece that speaks to you - whether you don these designs as a kind of spiritual talisman or just love their bad-ass look. As usual, I've found way more than one that I'd love to get my claws on. Take a look:

[all photos chosen from bloodmilk's etsy page]

I am always trying to incorporate a little something a bit dark + dramatic into my look, which (of course) I try to do with unique add-ons or accessories. Bloodmilk does just that, with the perfect combination of bold and beautiful. Which piece is your fav? xx


Head to Toe Chic said...

Love it! So unique!


Unknown said...

I love everything this woman creates. My favorite jewelry line by far.